Phlocking at Applebee’s

On October 13th (a Thursday) we will have a phlocking at Applebees on Village Drive (about 34th and Old Cheney Rd).  The Phlocking will benefit the Nebraska Make-a-Wish Foundation.

Applebee’s and the Corn Republic will have handbills that can be attached to an individual’s bill.  A percentage of the bill will be used for the check to be given to M-a-W.  We will be able to give the handbills to club members and any of our other friends.  We do not have all of the details worked out at this point, but please plan to start your weekend early on the 13th.  The happy hour at Applebee’s starts early, 3 pm, and goes to 6 pm.  You may stay as late as you wish.  All the bills with the handbill attached will count for the donation check.

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