Meeting of the Minds 2011

Jimmy Pattavina

Back in 2001 a newly married couple discovered they had a mutual love of Jimmy Buffett’s music and lifestyle. Of course, most of you know, I’m writing about Terri and me. I had heard of a parrot head event that happened each year in Key West, FL, so I checked on line and discovered you need to be a club member to attend. We did not go that year, or in 2002, but we did in 2003 and have each year since. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt X 8.

This year our club was all over the island. The 25 folks who participated in the 20th anniversary of MotM made a big splash. Some of our members helped PHiP by volunteering: Terri and I helped with the goodie bag stuffing, Joe and Lorene made us look good by doing registration and security, and Barry and Sue also helped with security. Bob and Jerry attended the leaders brunch as representatives of our club, and I was invited as past president of PHiP. Bob and Shirlene worked the dunking booth, as Bob was the dunkee, and Shirlene worked hard to get people to dunk our dear treasurer. Bob, Ross, Sharee and I did a terrible job at “Bags”, but we were good sports anyway.

The main object of our affection, Mr James D. Buffett, gave us a great concert at our street fest, in front of Margaritaville. It may not be true, but word was, he flew in on his jet and the pilot kept the engines running while he was at the concert. They drove him up in a town car, and after the show he jumped in the car and went back to the airport. He did not even stop into his store there in Key West! Oh well, he is a busy man.

There was plenty to do on the island and many of our new attendees sought out museums and other cultural or historic places on the island. Club members did bar crawls, wild street dancing, overeating, overindulging, and much other stuff to make us proud! The Trop-Rockers who graced our stages brought a great time to our partying. As we have come to expect, each year seems to top the last, the performers really step-up for our big party. In most cases the individuals or bands play in other venues all over town, so if you missed their show at the Casa Marina, you could catch them on Duval.

Some of our members had a fabulous time at the beautiful pools at the Casa. There is little that compare to sitting in a beach chair by the Atlantic Ocean or in the pool or hot tub, under the palm trees. I don’t have a clue as to how the new Director of Conventions will top 2011, but I have faith. We have our room at the Casa reserved.

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