Buffett Returns To Omaha, Jimmy Not Warren

After a 27 year hiatus Jimmy Buffett is finally returning to Omaha to play a full blown concert at the Quest Center on Sat. April 14th.

The last time Jimmy had a paying gig in Omaha was Aug. 12, 1985, it only took 26 plus years but we ae very excited to have him back.  

Currently our little Lincoln club has 98 Parrot Heads Plocking to Omaha for the phun and games in Old Town and Quest Center.

If you see a large group in bright orange shirts, flag us down and say hello, or just tag along for the phun of it, see you in Omaha.


  1. Heading to concert Sat – where will your group be located so we can stop by – we encountered your gathering one night at Licoln at BBQ place on N 27th –Pat’s–perhaps?

    • There is a bash at the Mattress factory, sponsored by the Omaha club as well as some tailgating in the parking lot, we will be all over the place, just look for the BRIGHT ORANGE shirts we are easy to spot.

  2. So were the ones in section 121 with the orange shirts. if so two questions who were the ones in the bright green shirts and as club members were you able to buy a large block of tickets?

    • We are the “Orange People” Jimmy was talking about, we are a sanctioned club of PHIP (Parrot Heads In Paradise), the Green shirts were the Omaha club. There are a certain number of tickets typically made available to the PHIP clubs. You are not guaranteed a ticket to a concert, but most of the time everyone that wants to go to a concert gets a ticket. The Corn Republic is based in Lincoln, but have many members from all over the country and welcome new members, if you are interested in joining take a look at our membership app, it goes into a little more detail.