Fourth Of July

When the Fourth of July lands on a uneventful day like Wednesday, sometimes it can be somewhat of a bummer, but not for Parrot Heads! We decided not to let a little thing like a Wednesday stand in the way of having fun. On a very hot July 4th, many Corn Republic Parrot Heads and a few guests and neighbors gathered at the home of Jimmy and Terri Pattavina for food, beverages and phun.

When the temperature is hitting three-digits what do you do to stay cool? Well, if you are some of the Corn Republic men, you get out the Slip and Slide, and no, there doesn’t seem to be an age limit on this activity. There was plenty of ice cold beverages to keep us cool and more food than we could eat. The octopus water toy helped, but the cold beer worked wonders. And don’t tell the golf superintendent how phun his sprinkler system is!

Night fall came and we were entertained by Lee and Ross and their fireworks show. If Lee was not an excellent banker, he’d be bustin’ fireworks for some Italian fireworks family company. We’d advise Ross to watch his fingers.

Usually we have a theme for our events so this one was simply to honor the achievements of our fantastic club in the first six months of 2012. Our first six months of 2012 is an indication of another great year. Party on, Corn Republic Parrot Heads!