Walk to End Alzheimer’s

The Walk to End Alzheimer’s is coming up September 16. The Corn Republic Parrot Heads are participating in two ways: We are fielding a team to walk (and raise money), and we will be providing volunteers to assist with the walk. Here are the particulars:

JOINING THE TEAM: Here are the 8 Simple Steps to Complete Walk Registration

1. Visit www.alz.org/walk
2. Click on Nebraska on the map or type the zip code
3. Choose 2012 Walk to End Alzheimer’s Lincoln – Lincoln, NE
4. Click “Join a Team”
5. Select “Corn Republic PHC” from the National Teams group drop-down
6. Click “New User”
7. Complete the registration steps and confirm to receive
8. Start raising money! The Alzheimer’s walk website has plenty of ideas for raising money as a walker. Surf around and you’ll find the ones that work best for you!


At the July meeting, a lot of big-hearted Parrot Heads indicated that they would help out with the Walk as volunteers. Mark Taylor, Development Director of the Great Plains chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, will be speaking to us at the August meeting (coming up this Thursday, August 9)to thank you and let you know what to expect as volunteers. I think about 10-12 people so far have indicated they’d help out — the Walk can use as many volunteers as we can supply. If you can commit to a shift (probably 3-hour shifts), or even part of a shift, as a volunteer on Sunday, September 16, please be prepared to sign up at Thursday’s meeting, or let me know by email (mommydearest7541@yahoo.com). Mark just started this job a couple of months ago and has his hands full & then some, so let’s do what Parrot Heads always do and help him out the best we can!


Plans are still being made, but there will be some kind of phlocking of Corn Republic walkers & volunteers after the Walk. Watch this space for further details!

Let’s make sure the Alzheimer’s Association and the Great Plains chapter know the CORN REPUBLIC when the Walk is complete and the donations generated by US come pouring in!! Phins up!