Murder Mystery Mardi Gras Party

The CRPHs will be doing a murder mystery Saturday February 23rd, 2013 starting at 7:00 right now it is
scheduled to take place at the Genrichs, however depending on the size of the group this may change.
The following is how the mystery will work.

The Murder Mystery takes place at a Birthday party, the host has invited his favorite celebrities
to the party, singers, movie stars, artists etc. In order for the murder mystery to be a great time
everyone is invited to take part. Choose one of the characters on the list below and let Mary Ann Genrich
( know which one you want to be. The description of ideas of what to wear ( you
can create your own costume) and a little bit about the characters are on the list. Dressing up as your
character always adds to the mystery and fun. Right now with Halloween this month this is a great time
to get costume ideas and accessories at Halloween stores and Good Will.

When you come to the Murder Mystery everyone will be given clues to help solve the Murder. We will
play casino games as the clues are disclosed. The Murder Mystery takes about 2 ½ – 3 hours to solve.
Please plan on being at the mystery party the entire time in order for the mystery to slowly unravel.

There will be prizes for the male and female best actor, best costumes and crime solvers.

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