Brent Burns in Lincoln

See You on Sunday for Two Great Events:

Early in the afternoon, from 2 to 4, you will be treated to refreshments provided by Bob and Shirlene Davis, and Jimmy and Terri Pattavina in honor of the Davis’ Silver, 25th Anniversary, and the Pattavina’s Lucky, 13th Anniversary. No gifts, please. We will have small sandwiches, chips, punch, and side dishes and CAKE. Also, a limited amount of adult drinks will be provided.


After the reception above, the club will host Musician, Songwriter, Comedian Brent Burns. His show is expected to start at 5. The club will again only charge $10 per person for the concert! All members will be asked to contribute to the cost of bringing Brent to our club. He will also have CDs to purchase, and a tip jar will be provided.

Brent will likely arrive in the afternoon, so the helpers who moved furniture around, those who set up the sound system, and in general got things ready, could help again that would be great.

Please bring:
Bag or folding chairs
BYO drinks (don’t forget ice)
(there will be some food from the early event)
Snacks would be greatly appreciated.

The last event like this went very well. Everyone did a great job of respecting the wishes of the entertainer. Please feel free to move around, to talk in low voices, get food or drinks or step outside to move around. It should be great weather and we may be able to open a few doors. You will enjoy Brent Burns’ humor.

And lastly, the clean-up crew from the last event was fabulous. Can I get you to help again?

Call me if you need additional information.

Brent’s website:

Past President,
PHiP 2008 & 2009
Phone 402 429 8757
James A Pattavina
2312 Rokeby Rd
Lincoln NE 68512-9608

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