General Membership Meeting 1-15-2015 Highlights

1. The charities for February will be: 50/50 Habitat for Humanity and donations of goods for The Humane Society.
2. The next unofficial party is Jim Vosicky’s Birthday 1-30-2015 at Rosie’s at 1501 Center Park Rd just off 14th, near the state Pen.
2 1/2. Shilling Bridge Beach Party at 575 Fallbrook Blvd on 1-31-2015, will be two parties in a row! You up to it?
3. The next Flocking (FAC) (the second Friday of the month) 2-13-2015 is at Ginger Asian Restaurant 6055 Apples Way (Near Lowe’s) See facebook for info on Ginger’s.
4. Membership dues are now $20 per person. Please join or renew.
5. Having trouble getting on the Yahoo Egroup? Call Jimmy at 402-429-8757. It is a bit tricky, but as long as you follow the directions almost everyone can get in the group.