Business Meeting 3-19-2015

Zoo Cleanup – Alvin Raef reported that we will again help with the Children’s Zoo clean up on 3-21-2015, 8:00 to Noon. After the clean up the volunteers will retire to The Press Box for refreshments. Please bring rakes and / or shovels, wear gloves, and old clothes.

Trail cleanup – Shirlene Davis thanked all the people who have done the clean-up in the past. She reminded everyone to contact her when finished so you will get your “seed”.  Please follow the directions regarding the clean-up.

Membership Report – Michelle Williamson reported that at the close of last year we had 151 members. As of the January meeting we had 92 renew @ 61%. As of this meeting we had 117, or over 75% of last year’s members.

Social – Jerry Hostetler hoped the last two Flockings were well received by the club. The next flocking will be at Vega in the Railyard.

April and May meeting location will be at the Elks’ Lodge; food is provided at about $6.50 to $9.00 with very well priced drinks available at the bar. The “burger bar” is self serve, and we will have a private room.