Christmas Party 2016

Christmas Party 2016

Our popular Christmas party is set for Saturday, December 3rd. The doors will open at 6:00 p.m. The location is the Highpointe Apartments in the clubhouse. (4607 Old Cheney Rd)

Please bring a bag chair for your use, as the complex may not have enough seating for everyone. Two years ago we were able to use the rented tables and chairs from a previous party.

Also, bring your own beverages, along with ice if needed for your drink of choice.

Bring food to share.

We pay a deposit for the room, so we must clean it; so far each time we have used the clubhouse people stayed to clean-up, the more the merrier.

We play a voluntary game of “Dirty Santa”. If you would like to participate, bring a wrapped gift with a value of $25. Please try to stay very near the $25 amount, if possible (keep within 5% of the $25, that is $1.25 for the math impaired). The gift should be something you would give to a friend. Very popular gifts are alcohol, Parrot Head swag, or music CDs. If you are at a loss for Ideas, just call Jimmy P. The game is a great deal of fun, be ready to play to win, but if you don’t … be nice. If you wish to play, bring a gift; it is okay to just watch, but it is great fun to play. Each person who wants to play should bring a gift.

Here is how the game is played:
The first person is chosen by ticket draw, that person’s only choice is to pick the first gift to open.
The next person chosen by ticket may open a new gift, or steal the first gift.
The game progresses by draw, and each person may unwrap or steal.
If an item is stolen from a person, you may then steal a gift (which could set off a series of steals) or unwrap a new gift. (You may not steal a gift just taken from you.)
If an item is stolen 3 times it can not be stolen again. The item is now “golden” and is in the position as owned by the well played Third Stealer.
Partners can work together to leverage the 3rd steal. i.e. Wife is up and knows husband wants an item that has been stolen 2 times, being smart, she bags it for hubby.
We have had a few consortium type play where a few folks worked together. (serious strategy)
The game is much fun if you steal, it is a game, have fun, everyone should have a nice gift, at the end of the evening. The game can continue, in a way, if you find a way to trade your item for something you may like better after regular play ends.

If you know a member who does not get the e-group emails, or does not read the web page, please forward this message to them.