Christmas Party 2017

Christmas Party, December 9th 2017

Our popular Christmas party is set for Saturday, December 9th. The doors will open at 6:00 p.m. The location is the Holmes Lake Apartments in the clubhouse. (7100 Holmes Lake Park Rd.   About 70th, just east of Holmes Lake)

Please bring a bag chair or folding for your use, as the complex will have about 30 seats and may not have enough seating for everyone.

Also, bring your own beverages, along with ice if needed for your drink of choice.

Bring food to share.

We pay a deposit for the room, so we must clean it; so far each time we have used the clubhouse people stayed to clean-up, the more the merrier.

We play a voluntary game of “Dirty Santa”. If you would like to participate, bring a wrapped gift with a value of $25. Please try to stay very near the $25 amount, if possible (keep within 5% of the $25, that is $1.25 for the math impaired). The gift should be something you would give to a friend. Very popular gifts are alcohol, Parrot Head swag, or music CDs. If you are at a loss for Ideas, just call Jimmy P. The game is a great deal of fun, be ready to play to win, but if you don’t … be nice. If you wish to play, bring a gift; it is okay to just watch, but it is great fun to play. Each person who wants to play should bring a gift.

Here is how the game is played:
The first person is chosen by ticket draw, that person’s only choice is to pick the first gift to open.
The next person chosen by ticket may open a new gift, or steal the first gift.
The game progresses by draw, and each person may unwrap or steal.
If an item is stolen from a person, you may then steal a gift (which could set off a series of steals) or unwrap a new gift. (You may not steal a gift just taken from you.)
If an item is stolen 3 times it can not be stolen again. The item is now “golden” and is in the position as owned by the well played Third Stealer.

Hi New Folks

I apologize for not posting much in the last few weeks.  It has been a busy time, with the Railyard Beach Bash, and followed by the Buffett Concert in Omaha, and MotM 2016.

I know we have had a number of additional members sign-up in the last two months.  If you have been viewing this page in hopes of finding out about the club, thank you, here are a few things you should know:

  • Our method of communication is through Yahoo Groups.  You must be offered an invitation from me.  Send an email to 

  • After you send the email, get a Yahoo account, they are free, and other than for this, you don’t need it again.  If you have a Yahoo account, use that account.  I will send the invitation to you; there are a number of steps to follow, read the directions, please. 

  • The next meeting will be at Grata at about 70th and A Streets in Clock Tower Shopping, on Thursday the 17 of November.  We meet in the back room at 7:00, but come early (about 6:00) if you can:  have some good food and drinks, and make friends!  There is no meeting in December, but there is a Christmas Party.  Information will be in the yahoo groups email … sign-up.

  • Jimmy Pattavina

Movie Night

Movie Night June 2016

Follow the link above or read below

It’s time for the Genrich’s Outdoor Movie Night
Saturday June 18th at 6:00 p.m.
Pot Luck Supper
We will provide the meat, plates, utensils and cups
You can help by bringing a side dish
BYOB and chair
It’s time for
So bring out your favorite vacation props
and Lets Get The Summer Started
MA CELL: 402-432-1588 CW CELL: 402-430-7185 HOME: 402-420-5366
If it rains that night we will have it a different day

Forms for club use

These forms are often used by our club members:

railyard bash baskets has information for items for our Beach Bash Raffle

beach bash volunteers needed is a sign-up sheet for working at the Beach Bash

phlocking sign up sheet 2 does not have a donation column

phlocking sign up sheet has a donation column


Link to Charities and Activities for 2015

Follow the link below to see the chart of our events for 2015 as of 4-27.

Click on the words below:

2015 Charities and Activities