Founders Club

Founder’s Club Members:

When the Corn Republic started a few years ago, a few members agreed to pay $50 per person to support the club while getting on its feet. This was a one-time-thing, to help assure a good financial start for the club. We called this group Corn Republic Founder’s Club, here is the list:
Janet Anderbery
Lee Anderbery
Lisa Antonson
Toby Antonson
Jerry Ayers
Lora Curtis
Tony Curtis
Shirlene Davis
Bob Davis
Diana Dawson
Barb Dodge
Mary Ann Genrich
Chuck Genrich
Tammy Gestring
Janet Isaacson
David Isaacson
Kevin Johnson
Stef Kindt
Nicki Klein
Ardis Moody
Terri Pattavina
Jimmy Pattavina
Dan Peters
Lorene Prorok
Joe Prorok
Sarah Rathbun
Greg Rathbun
Andra Wiegand