Golden Corn Cob Award

The Golden Corn Cob Award has become a Corn Republic tradition. Each month a club member or members is recognized for his/her outstanding achievement or actions above or beyond the call of duty as a Corn Republic Parrot Head member. The plaque is awarded at the beginning of each meeting. Club members have the opportunity to nominate people who they believe deserve to be recognized for their contributions to the club. If you would like to nominate someone for the award, please contact Teri Vosicky

Golden Corn Cob Winners

 May 2012

Steve Converse for his behind-the-scenes work in organizing things for the concert in Omaha

April 2012

Stef Kindt for managing the tickets for the upcoming concert.

March 2012

Bob Davis who had caught an error in the bill for the t-shirts and has been our ‘travel agent’ in arranging a great deal for us at the hotel for the concert.

February 1012

Deb and Steve Converse for hosting the Margaritaville Party.

January 2012

Alvin and Emily for their work on the first Phlock for Phood bike ride; they organized the event, offered their home and provided prizes.


October 2011

Kevin Johnson for his charity leadership, especially Sluggeritaville and the Shirt Off Their Back Auction which raised $1200 for The Clinic With A Heart; the entire event (basket auction, raffle) raised nearly $2900 for The Clinic.

September 2011

Jan Ryan for her work on Sluggeritaville prizes, donated items, and auction baskets.

August 2011

Lorene Prorok for her work on Sluggeritaville.

July 2011

Sarah Rathbun for her leadership of our club since it started

June 2011

Andra Wiegand is moving to Texas. She was one of the earliest members, a regular attender, has brought her Mother into the club and brought her to a number of events.

May 2011

Tom Tabor for his work on the Trail Clean-Up and making it fun with his e-mails.

April 2011

Jerry Siefkes for his work on the club website and continuing to bring new ideas.

March 2011

Stef Kindt for her work on the Jimmy Concert bus trips – last year and this year.

February 2011

Mary Ann Genrich for her work in creating and making the door signs for club members at Havana Day Dreamin‟ – last two years.

January 2011

Rebecca Binderup siting her work in creating the club logo.

November 2010

Shirlene Davis for…